Why Straighten Teeth


Why Straighten Teeth?Smiling not only brightens people’s day, it also offers plenty of benefits to the person smiling:

• It improves your mood.
• It relieves stress.
• It makes you look youthful.
• It helps you keep a positive disposition.
• And it can boost your body’s immune function.

But to actually enjoy smiling, you need to have straight and healthy teeth. Not only does it make you look more attractive to others (and give you all the benefits we’ve listed above), but having straight teeth also allows you to:

• Chew your food properly.
• Speak clearly.
• Prevent tooth decay and gum infections.
• Prevent or alleviate physical health problems.

If you have crooked teeth, they can be straightened using orthodontic braces or customized aligners. Orthodontic braces are affixed to your teeth for a certain period of time, and can be placed on the front or back of the teeth. Aligners, on the other hand, are removable, invisible, and are often recommended for less severe malocclusions.

If you want to straighten your teeth and improve your smile, please consult with one of the smile specialists at SmileRight Orthodontics today.

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With the health benefits, a pleasing appearance and more self-confidence, orthodontic treatment gives people a lot to be happy about. Let our expertise make you smile.

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